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When you go to buy your first house or flat, it is probably the biggest financial decision you will be making as an individual. The consequences of being ill advised through this decision could live with you for the rest of your life. The same applies to a business. When purchasing or leasing a commercial or industrial property, the decision could have far reaching financial and operational consequences for your business.

That's why you have regulators such as the Estate Agency Affairs Board, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, the Bar Association and the Deeds Office to protect you. There are many unscrupulous or simply ignorant individuals who could advise you to purchase and finance a property that you could ill afford, was overpriced, built really badly or located in an area inappropriately zoned.

The first regulated professional you meet in your hunt for a home is an estate agent. He or she is bound by a code of ethics, hopefully armed with some local knowledge and very eager to point out where the kitchen is and how marvellous the view looks from the upstairs toilet window.

Not to discredit my colleagues in the residential market, but would you want an estate agent who sells houses to sell you an industrial property? Or negotiate a complex five year lease? If fact, when choosing whom to represent you in a property transaction in the commercial or industrial realm, surely you would want someone who is highly skilled and experienced?

In these tough economic times, more and more residential estate agents are venturing into the commercial sector. They may be equipped with the necessary license to conduct business as estate agents, but they are not qualified or experienced to professionally advise you.

That is why you get professionals who specialise in commercial and industrial property and do not moonlight selling flats and houses. When someone asks my opinion on a residential property I tell them to call an estate agent who has experience in their area.

Deal Core Property Group is a team of highly skilled and experienced commercial and industrial property brokers who pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service. Please call us if you are considering buying, selling or leasing commercial or industrial property.

Samantha Anderson is an economist and a specialist in warehousing for the logistics industry. You can contact her on 071 226 8032 or

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